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Good to have you here. Welcome on nativerunners.

I will give you a little inside on idea and philosophy concerning this blog.
I am coaching since 2006. I started out with pure career advice for people working in the finance industry. More and more I asked myself what their individual drivers were. I questioned my own motivators for change as well.
I found out more about basic desires and learned about my own.

I (re)discovered physical activity to be one of my major incentives. At the same time I read an article about ‘vibram fivefingers’ and was so curious that I started with nativerunning. That meant in the beginning short distances, small steps, low speed yet fast cadence, forefoot e.g. (You’ll find more in this blog)

Until 10 years earlier, when I quit running (for good) I didn’t, everything about my style was different. That let to so much pain, that I thought I will never run a long distance again. Men are just not made for running.

When I started my new running I loved it and still do. Funny that I didn’t only change my running style but more in my life. One was the interest in minimalism which made we want to run with the most simple shoes, letting my feed do what they are made for.
Instead of focusing on the newest, most expensive running shoe I chose to train my feed and muscles and am running barefoot or in minimalist shoes ever since.
My kneepain went away, I did a 200km solo run in Sahara and am running ultra distance since 2014.

In this blog I want to write all different stories about and around running with as less distraction as possible. And if you have anything to tell about running: let me know.
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