first thoughts

Running. The most natural thing on earth and yet so many of us are not used to it. Even worse, so many of us run wrong? Some years ago I thought that’s not possible. Just hit the road and run. Wear some good shoes and you’ll be fine.

But guess what? I was wrong.
When I learned about meditation I found out that I was even breathing wrong. Hello? Breathing… What can you do wrong with breathing. Well, I was only breathing in my chest and not in my belly. That way I was losing lots of my potential. It took me a while to train myself to breath properly which in the end, helped me with running as well.
I found out that over years I trained myself to breath only in my chest. Same happened with running. For some reason I thought it would be faster to run with big steps. Landing on my heal and rolling over my foot. After years, that started to ruin my knees and I stopped running all together.

So, before you start running (again) take some time to think about it (at least as long as you are not a 4 year old kid) and give your feet a pre running training.

Before you start:
– Take of shoes with heals
– Walk barefoot
– If that’s to cold buy minimal shoes
– Start walking with your minimal shoes
– Do exercise for you achilles and calves
– Do core training

When you start:
– Go barefoot or in a very thin sole
– Run just until it hurts
– When you never ran before, walk home when you feel pain
– If you are already a runner, change to your old shoes and finish your run in those
– Try to make the native running section longer and longer